Becoming a Member

KADE Member Benefits

  • Several AADE approved FREE continuing education opportunities throughout the year
  • Scholarships given to AADE Annual Meeting
  • Educator of the Year Award
  • Sponsor of the Lion’s Club Diabetes Day Camp
  • Help with the medical team for the American Diabetes Association’s  America’s Walk for Diabetes
  • Sponsor of registration for a campers at the week-long diabetes camp at Camp Hendon
  • Professional networking
  • Resource for disseminating diabetes information throughout diabetes educators in Central and Eastern Kentucky


Becoming a Member

All KADE members must also be members of AADE.

To find out about AADE member benefits, go to AADE Membership.

Types of AADE members

Active Member - $125

Healthcare professionals with an interest in the development, delivery or administration of diabetes patient or professional education or in diabetes research. An active member shall have the right to vote, to make nominations, and to chair, serve and vote on committees. Active members who are employed by a company that is in the business of sales or marketing of diabetes pharmaceuticals, supplies or equipment shall not be eligible to stand for elective office or a directorship position.  

Associate Member -$125

Person with an interest or involvement in diabetes education who does not qualify for other member categories.

Student Member - $25

Any full time student or trainee in any health profession program. Student membership shall be granted when accompanied by evidence of enrollment in a health profession program.

To join AADE, you may pay online, by mail, or fax using the application.

Then after joining AADE, log-in to the members only area on  AADE’s website. Under "Join a Chapter" choose KADE. Our yearly member dues are $20.

KADE Events

KADE Meetings

KADE meetings are a benefit of KADE membership and are therefore, only open to KADE members. the are typically held on the third Tuesday of January, February, March, May, September, November and December. They may be a CE program with business meeting or less frequently a business and networking meeting. Commercial reps may attend any meeting for which they provide sponsorship, regardless of membership status.

KADE Symposia

Symposiums are held once a year in September. These are open to anyone interested in attending. Attendance is free to KADE members and non-KADE members are charged a fee equal to $10.00 per CE hour given. Typically this will be an opportunity to earn three or more hours of credit that is recognized by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE).

Dinner, Breakfast, or Lunch with KADE

These events are scheduled intermittently throughout the year and anyone interested may attend. These are typically vendor-sponsored and may or may not offer CE credit. KADE’s role in these events is to help promote the events among members and friends and colleagues of members. KADE members may assist with logistics if requested.

Cutting Edge

Program in which a diabetes product is highlighted. Members and non-members welcome. Vendor sponsored and no credit is given.

Vendor note

Vendors are required to be AADE/KADE members in order to receive full access to all events.