Our Mission

<p>The Kentucky Association of Diabetes Educators (KADE) is a local networking group of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). Founded in 1973, AADE is the leading organization for diabetes educators, professionals who are dedicated to supporting successful self-management as a key outcome in the care of people with and at risk for diabetes.</p>

<h3>OUR MISSION:</h3>

<p>The mission of KADE and AADE is to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional diabetes education.</p>

<h3>OUR GOALS:</h3>

<p>KADE believes that diabetes educators should strive to continually enhance their professional knowledge of diabetes to generate, sustain, and improve quality patient care and education. The goals of KADE are:</p>

<li>To advance and promote evidence-based diabetes self-management education and practice</li>
<li>To set the scope and direction for the practice of diabetes education</li>
<li>To provide opportunities for members and the broader healthcare community to advance their skills and career goals</li>
<li>To advance diabetes education as central to quality diabetes care and prevention</li>
<li>To advocate for public policy to improve access to services, supplies and care for those with or at risk for diabetes</li>
<li>To continue to enhance the effective and efficient operation of its member-driven organization</li>

<p>KADE supports the team approach to diabetes education.&nbsp; Our organization is committed to improving the quality of life for people with and at risk for diabetes in Central and Eastern Kentucky. KADE sponsors educational and community events for both professionals and patients.&nbsp; We encourage behavioral health specialists, dietitians, exercise specialists, health educators, nurses, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, social workers and other health care professionals involved in diabetes education to join us.</p>